Keep Looking Up

‘Look Up’ by Gary Turk is going viral at the moment. I love it. I’m pleased though that my little poem was published in One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer before the video was released. Otherwise I just  might have had an accusation of plagiarism to address…

Keep Looking Up

It’s hard to keep ahead if you keep looking to the ground

All you’ll see is tarmac while your wheels are spinning round

Lift your head and raise your eyes above your handlebars

See how bright the sun is or the beauty in the stars.

Even in your darkest days while cycling through the rain

Looking up might see you through your treatment or your pain

Share the ride with people who will let you lead the way

And then you’ll find a clearer path to help you through each day.

 Keep Looking Up © Jane Milne

Girl photo

Illustratio© Gemma Milne




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