Jane writes for you

I offer a personal writing service – for celebrations, for commiserations, for weddings, for funerals, to speak to one person, to help you process something yourself or to entertain a crowd – and I usually write in the form of rhyming poetry.

So, If you know what you want to say, but just don’t know how to say it….then maybe I can help…

I take the greatest of care with each commission in creating a unique and personal story, based on the chats we have and the information I’m given . I also take great pride in valuing our relationship during the process, with a view to capturing as closely as possible the very essence of what you’d like to say.

If you commission me to write for you, we’ll spend some time discussing, in detail, what you’d like included in the poem, how long it should be and the tone it should take. This can be done via email, phone or Skype – whichever you’d prefer. I can also meet with you in person if you live in Central Scotland.

When the poem’s complete, I’ll send you a private link to a recording of me reciting it. How the poem sounds is just as important as how it reads. The recording will also serve to help you practice if you’re going to be reciting the poem in front of an audience (or, to one special person).

If there’s anything at all about the finished piece you’re unhappy with, I’ll do my very best to make it right before requesting payment.

Then, the poem will belong to you*

How much will your poem cost?

Every poem I write is unique, so every commission is priced on an individual basis, depending on the poem’s length and on the work involved in creating it.

Please do contact me if you’d like some more information, or if you’d like a quotation for me to write for you.

Speaking at Events:

I can also take commissions to speak at occasions or events for you, with a unique poem or prose crafted from the information you’ve given me (or from the research I’ve carried out on your behalf if the occasion, topic or subject demands it). Please do contact me if you’d like to discuss this further.

A few of of my clients’ words:

“You couldn’t have captured the essence of my thoughts about mum any better. I love that it’s written as my thinking. I love that you sent it to me as a recording so that I could hear its song and musicality…the poem is truly wonderful…” 

“I couldn’t begin to tell you the impact Jane’s poem has had on me…and the therapeutic benefit of going through this process with her…I will cherish it forever…”

“I love the poem. Listening to it being read out was my favourite part of the day Jane. You have such a lovely funny way with words and I love that it has some of the stories I thought were long forgotten…really special…”

*All work remains copyright of Jane Milne until ownership is passed over and cannot be publicly broadcast or re-sold without the author’s permission.

Contact Me:

7 thoughts on “Jane writes for you

  1. “You’re such a talented lady and have a natural way with words which captures the essence of the sentiment, whether it be humour or heartbreak! I’ll forever cherish the poem you wrote for me” K. Anderson

  2. “This is my very good friend Jane Milne’s new venture, she wrote the referendum poem “Calm Doon”……and, for those of you who saw the video, she wrote and performed a poem about Katie, she is a beautiful speaker, and beautiful person……a fantastic and original gift idea, when you can;t find the words, let Jane do it for you.” D McKenzie

  3. “As a tribute to my dear mum on her 70th birthday the most amazing woman Jane Milne wrote me the most beautiful poem/ditty about my mum. Those of you who knew my mum especially our old hospice colleagues would know how amazing my mum was with words & my dream was to have something amazing written for mum as she had done for so many others. Jane was just amazing with me, she has the biggest heart & such a special soul. We started off with a huge hug then after a lovely cuppa, a cake a good greet & loads of laughs I gave her an piece of paper with my memories of mum. ( all done with a piper in the background playing my dads fave scottish tunes as it was a Macmillan coffee morning!) .the end result was just incredible. Couldn’t begin to tell you the impact Janes poem has had on me, what a gift she has & the therapeutic benefit of going through this process with Jane & how I will cherish it forever, thank you Jane” F Hutton

  4. “Recently asked the very lovely Jane Milne of Jane Writes for You to write a very special poem/ditty for my dear late mum…I was so nervous as I had dreamed of having something in writing about mum for such a long time & now I was handing this very special job over to someone but as soon as I got in touch with Jane I knew she was the very person for the job. I feel so blessed to have found Jane & what she produced for me was just incredible. Jane produced much more than just a poem on a piece of paper, she told such a personal, funny & moving story of who my dear mum was & captured her so beautifully. Jane’s writing gifts combined with her warm, fun personality, her empathy, sincerity & humility make her the most amazing writer & poet. So looking forward to having Jane write again for my dear dads birthday in December xx Thanks again Jane, such a special service, thank you xx”

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