One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer

An entertaining, poignant and informative little collection of rhymes and articles, inspired by people who grab life by the handlebars and ride.


It’s guaranteed to touch your heart, make you laugh and leave you better informed about the signs and symptoms of some of the cancers that most affect women…It’ll also teach you a little thing or two about cycling! (An odd combination, I know, but it seems to work…)

…every woman needs to read this amazing little book. It really is inspirational, funny and very motivating. I just feel it could really help save lives. ” Anne Frampton, Action for Charity

All of the money raised from sales of One Woman’s Verses Vs Cancer   (£5 + p&p) is donated to Women v Cancer, a partnership between Ovarian Cancer Action, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Breast Cancer Care.

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© Jane Milne 2014


‘When’ Poster:


30 x 42 cm

£8.00 incl p&p

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