The nail-biting is over

I’ve had enough feedback now to let me stop fretting about whether I succeeded in getting the tone of the book right. I seem to have managed it.

I’ve actually been a little bit overwhelmed by the comments I’ve received. They’re all very positive, I hasten to add, but I think I’ve just been taken aback by how big an effect my little book seems to have had on some of its readers already. It’s obviously very early days (it’s been on sale for less than a week) but I’m content to let the feedback I’ve received thus far allow me to relax and stop biting my nails.

I’m new to the idea of promotion and punting and putting my work out there, so I’m not sure how best to share the comments but I’m guessing that utilising feedback to help spread the message about my book is a sensible thing to do.

Until I come up with a better plan, I’ve listed below a potted version of a few of the things that have been said so far. I’m chuffed enough that people are actually buying the book, so these comments really do mean a lot:

Well done! A great read with a hard punch.” Loraine Bryan

Really inspiring.” Jackie Maffin

I have had a good cry in a good way as I came to the end of my final treatment on Thursday after a long ten months of chemo, followed by a mastectomy and finally radiotherapy for invasive inflammatory breast cancer. Your first verse of ‘That List of Awful Things’ sums it up really and touched me so much, letting the flood gates open after being brave for ten months. I think that you have a gift and I think your book is going to be hugely successful…going on my first cycle tomorrow.” Wendy Yilmaz-Wood

Your words are lovely and so meaningful yet so thoughtful and compassionate.” Julia Perry

It is a masterpiece and I think everyone should buy one.” Ann Frampton

It has whimsical cycle poems, a few good pointers to how to know if something is not quite right, some wonderful illustrations by Jane Milne’s daughter and some rather chuckalicious bits too.” Sandhy Jones

I read it from cover to cover (couldn’t put it down). It really is a fabulous book, well done to everyone who had a part in it.” Sarah Cunningham

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