Open for business

At last! My waiting’s over and the Buy Now button has gone active (the setting up of which, by the way, was just about as challenging as the writing of the rhymes and the cycling of 100km round London in the pitch dark!) One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer is up for sale!

I did, for a fleeting moment, wonder whether I should hold off publicising that the book is now available as I’m hosting a ‘little light launch’ next Wednesday night in Stirling and it just seemed a bit back-to-front having a launch night after the Buy Now button has gone live!

However, I very quickly gave myself a slap and remembered that it’s not the next Harry Potter blockbuster or such like that we’re talking about here; it’s a little book of rhymes and articles whose main purpose is to raise funds and help spread the message about the signs and symptoms of three of the most common cancers to affect women.  The sooner it’s out there and available the sooner it can hopefully start to do just that.

So, it’s with no small amount of pleasure that I can now say CLICK HERE if you’d like to buy a copy of my little book today!

p.s. it’s worth noting that One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer will be available to buy locally in the coming weeks, initially at the launch then at some other events and venues (a list of which I’ll pin up here soon), saving you the postage costs incurred when you buy the book online.

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