Feedback is always very much appreciated:

     You’re such a talented lady and have a natural way with words which captures the essence of the sentiment, whether it be humour or heartbreak! I’ll forever cherish the poem you wrote for me…K Anderson

     As a tribute to my dear mum on her 70th birthday the most amazing woman Jane Milne wrote me the most beautiful poem/ditty about my mum. Those of you who knew my mum…would know how amazing my mum was with words & my dream was to have something amazing written for her, as she had done for so many others. Jane was just amazing with me, she has the biggest heart & such a special soul…the end result was just incredible. Couldn’t begin to tell you the impact the poem has had on me, what a gift she has & the therapeutic benefit of going through this process with Jane & how I will cherish it forever… Fiona Hutton

     You have a talent and this is a brilliant way to use it. So many people know what they want to say but not how to say it… F Fraser

     Jane has written 2 rhymes for me. They are fab, cannot put forward this lady’s talent enough… J Bagnall

      …my book arrived today and I have had a good cry in a good way as came to the end of my final treatment on Thursday after a long 10 months of chemo, followed by mastectomy and finally radiotherapy for invasive inflammatory breast cancer. Your first verse ‘that list of awful things’ sums it up really and touched me so much letting the floodgates open after being brave for ten months. I think that you have a gift… Wendy Yilmaz-Wood

     All your poems I’ve heard have been wonderful. Both humorous and touching…H Robertson

     This is my very good friend Jane Milne’s new venture, she wrote the referendum poem “Calm Doon”…she is a beautiful speaker, and beautiful person…a fantastic and original gift idea, when you can’t find the words, let Jane do it for you…Dianne McKenzie

     Your words are lovely and so meaningful yet so thoughtful and compassionate…Julia Perry

     …it has whymsical cycle poems, a few good pointers to how to know if something is not quite right, some wonderful illustrations by Jane’s daughter and some rather chuckalicious bits too… SRJ

      It really is a fabulous book, well done to everyone who had a part in it Sarah Cunningham

     I have just finished reading your wee book. Well I thought it was brilliant! A really good mix of some very important information with some fun on the side through your rhymes! Got me thinking! Dinah Boos

     Every woman needs to read this amazing book it really is inspirational funny and very motivating- please buy a copy and give it to a friend or family member – it’s inspiring I bought 20 copies today! Planning to buy more as I just feel it could really help save lives…Ann Frampton, Director of Action for Charity

     Recently asked the very lovely Jane Milne of Jane Writes for You to write a very special poem/ditty for my dear late mum…I was so nervous as I had dreamed of having something in writing about mum for such a long time & now I was handing this very special job over to someone but as soon as I got in touch with Jane I knew she was the very person for the job. I feel so blessed to have found Jane & what she produced for me was just incredible. Jane produced much more than just a poem on a piece of paper, she told such a personal, funny & moving story of who my dear mum was & captured her so beautifully. Jane’s writing gifts combined with her warm, fun personality, her empathy, sincerity & humility make her the most amazing writer & poet. So looking forward to having Jane write again for my dear dads birthday in December… FH

     It’s such a brilliant idea for fundraising and great that you can use your gift of writing to raise money for the three charities…it’s a brilliant way to increase awareness…Nicki Sharp, Breast Cancer Care

     …my wee book was delivered today. Just wanted to let you know I think it’s a fantastic and moving contribution you have made here, you should be really proud. It contains really valuable information…Karen Cooney

I just bought the book, all credit goes to the author, those brave people featured in the book, and all the people doing the cycle ride! I must say I opened the book, read ‘that list of awful things’ and was in pieces! Donna Colley

     As you read out “That list if awful things”, I felt my eyes well up…a few weeks ago my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer…I bought mum one of your books, as it’ll give her a lot of hope. C Waters

     How lovely and special…You are inspirational Jane Milne…you and my Dad had that in common…Sian Balfour

     Jane your poems are awesome!…K Leask

     I have just spent a lovely couple of hours this evening thanks to the incredibly talented Jane Milne, whose selflessness and desire to make a difference in this world has led her to raise money via her talent for writing poetry… Veronica Currie

     It’s a great wee book. Helping to save lives….A McLean

     ‘One women’s Verses vs Cancer’ is a fantastic book. It is only £5 with money raised going to three women’s cancer charities; breast cancer care, Jo’s cervical cancer trust and Ovarian cancer action. Cycling and Cancer – who would have thought that it would have ended up in a funny, sad, informative and inspiring absolutely must read…K McDonald

     Jane Milne you are a genius! I have just got home and waiting for me was my poetry book – it is fabulous – I’m going to put it in my shop so hopefully you will sell more copies. I’ve laughed and cried from cover to cover…. it’s great because it raises awareness and makes you laugh… Judith Stocker

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