Being at home with the people we love

Wrapping up bundles of socks and gloves

Hanging up stockings, no matter our age,

Stuffing the turkey with onion and sage

Watching The Grinch and a Wonderful Life

Glad the day’s past without too much strife…


Rushing around from here to there

Umpteen to-do lists and nothing to wear

Last minute buying of not-needed stuff

Just in case we’ve not bought enough

Frantically filling our fridges with food

Meant to be merry no matter our mood


For some it’s a good time, for many it’s not

And in amongst all of the stuff that’s been bought

Sadness is wrapped up in paper smiles

And ribbons of loneliness bind present piles

For some it’s a good time, for many it’s not

As Christmas reminds them of who they’ve not got


Be different and stop all the tearing around

Forget all the ‘must haves’ you haven’t yet found

The presents and turkey and crackers and fizz

Don’t need to be perfect, that’s not how life is.

If you feel jolly and merry, that’s good

But if you don’t, well, don’t feel that you should.


You don’t have to follow tradition you know

You really don’t have to go with the Christmas flow

Ignore all the hype and just do things your way

Be how you feel on Christmas Day

If it’s hard or sad, I’m so sorry, my friend

And if it’s a good one, enjoy till its end.

© Jane Milne 2016

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