That list of awful things

So, tonight’s the night that I’m joining the 2000 women who were my biggest inspiration for writing ‘One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer’. That list of awful things that many of them have been through goes some way to explaining why it’ll be a privilege to cycle 100km alongside them in the Women V Cancer Ride the Night event.

That List of Awful Things

I’ve never had a tumour in my ovary or breast

I’ve never had anomalies show up in my smear test

I’ve never had to contemplate which treatment path to take

I’ve never had to lose my hair for fighting cancer’s sake

I’ve never had to have a reconstruction of my breast

I’ve never had to think about which wig might suit me best

I’ve never had a therapy which poisons me to heal

I’ve never had to know how painful cancer really feels

I’ve never had my cervix be invaded by bad cells

I’ve never had to bandage painful lymphoedema swells

I’ve never had to give up my fertility to live

I’ve never had to feel like I’ve got no more fight to give

I’ve never had to cope with being terminally ill

I’ve never had to swallow such a bitter tasting pill

I’ve never had to feel the fear of knowing what’s to come

I’ve never had to tell my kids they’re going to lose their mum

I’m extremely lucky that I’ve not been caught as yet

In cancer’s indiscriminate and ever-spreading net

I’m extremely grateful that I’ve not had to embrace

The consequence of cancer that too many people face

I’m extremely humbled and I feel so very sad

That people have to cope with all those things I’ve never had

I’m hoping that my little book of poetry and rhymes

Will help to raise some funds towards a future and a time

Where cancer’s gone forever with the misery it brings

And none of us will have to face that list of awful things

© Jane Milne 2014

There’s still plenty of time to support Women V Cancer, either by making a donation to my Just Giving page or by purchasing a copy of the book. Thank you so very much to everyone who has done one or the other, or both, this far.

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