Thank you Rock and Road

I’ve had invaluable help from many people during my ‘first little book’ venture but I’d like to give one of the biggest nods of appreciation to my local independent bike shop, Rock and Road Cycles.

Rock and Road is a little shop with a big heart. I knew that already after receiving lots of good advice and support since discovering a passion for cycling last year, but it’s been confirmed by their more than generous offer to cover the printing costs of One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer.

The bigger cycling chain stores might sometimes be cheaper, but you’ll rarely receive the same kind of personal, passionate and accurate advice from them as you will from a small, independent shop. And you’ll rarely receive the sort of drop-in-anytime kind of back-up that a smaller shop is usually happy to offer.

I consider myself very lucky to have Rock and Road Cycles on my doorstep, but I’d encourage all cyclists to seek out and support their own local independent shops. They’re mostly owned and run by people who cycle, and genuinely enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience. That’s something that can sometimes be hard to find in the bigger chains.

So, thank you Rock and Road Cycles. I not only appreciate the fantastic job that you do in supporting cyclists in Central Scotland, but I also am so very grateful for your support in helping to make One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer happen.

Click on the logo to pay Rock and Road a virtual visit.


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